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Hi I’m Sam, the sole purpose of builddensemuscle.com is to teach you how to build dense muscle, how to gain strength, and how to get lean, using highly effective tried and tested methods backed by scientific studies and research.

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in the fitness industry, but iv spent around 11 years training, tried just about every workout program there is, tried every supplement you can imagine, tried every diet out there and read countless body-building, nutrition and strength training books. I have also spent literally hundreds of hours over the years researching the most effective ways to build dense muscle and strength naturally without steroids. 

I hate the fact that there are people and company’s out there scamming people with useless supplements and bad training advice that will produce little to no results for natural weightlifters. This is what led me to starting a fitness blog, simplisticstrengthandfitness.com and writing a book to debunk all the bro science, lies and myths surrounding these subjects. As much as I enjoyed writing and helping people achieve their goals on that site, I decided to launch this site to focus more on the topics of building dense muscle, gaining strength and getting lean naturally, to help a more targeted audience.

I want to teach and share with you the methods that are proven to work for natural training individuals so that you can get maximum results from your time in the gym. My goal is to provide you with the most effective information available so that you don’t have to waste years of your life training with inefficient methods.

Feel free to get in touch and email me with any questions or feedback you may have, I would love to hear from you.